People who call your office for the first time (and even those who’ve called before) may not know about all the wonderful benefits you offer. The best way to let them know is to tell them. It may sound obvious, but our experience shows that often the call handling team, while they know the benefits, could use a little help in concisely and effectively communicating them to current and prospective patients.

That’s where Practice Benefit Statements come in.

A Practice Benefit Statement is a short sentence or two, which focuses on some attribute of your practice experience and communicates it in a compelling and enthusiastic way.

Examples of Practice Benefits Statements include:

Our office is wheel chair accessible. That means your mother can
easily visit our office.

Our office is great because we have a lot of windows, which let in so
much natural light.

Our hygiene department offers complimentary oral cancer and
periodontal risk assessments, which means our patients have the
peace of mind in knowing they are in good oral and overall health.

In crafting Practice Benefit Statements, it is important to understand the difference between attributes and benefits. An attribute is a characteristic describing the product or service. The benefit is what it means to the audience (in our case, the patient).

Use this simple sentence structure to create your Practice Benefit Statements:

That means BENEFIT

In other words, the Statement says what ‘it’ is, then translates the ‘it’ into why the patient should care about, or value, the ‘it’.

Another key to the effective use of Practice Benefit Statements to connect with callers requires knowing when to use which Statement(s). This, in turn, requires what we like to call “Aggressive Listening Technique,” and that is the subject of our next blogpost.

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