For many, that’s what their website amounts to. In other words, it may only be covering the “I” and the “M” of the A.I.M. equation:

Attract + Impress + Motivate = New Patients

As the primary benefit of you website is lead generation i.e. connecting with people looking for a dentist, it is vital you are ranked at, or near, the top of the major internet search engines, the three most used of which are: Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

We offer a Website Report Card accessible at:,

which evaluates a practice website on a number of dimensions, an important one of which is how well it ranks vis a vis its competitors.

One simple way to get noticed by search engines is by adding fresh content to your website. This can mean adding information on one or more pages. It can also mean creating a blog (like this one). Whatever you do, remember that you are playing to two audiences, namely, the public and search engine robots (or bots). Bots like words and phrases that suggest relevancy. So be sure your communications are replete with references to, for example: implant dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, dentist in YOUR LOCATION, dental patients, etc.

These techniques are generally referred to as organic, because they take time for the benefits to manifest.

Just be consistent and patient, and you WILL see the benefits.

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