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Since 1989, delivering on our promises to maximize your dental marketing return on investment.

ADM – Vision, Mission & Core Values


ADM is committed to improving and preserving the health of the people of the United States primarily by working with private practice dentists who share this vision.


We support our client’s vision; offering proven, cost effective tactics for growing their professional collaboration network, and connecting with prospective and current patients.

Core Values

Key values we subscribe to include diversity, charity, accountability, health and wellness, compassion and a commitment to results and success.

We Achieve our Mission by offering Six Pillars of Support

ADM - Six Pillars Of Support

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ADM has the unique ability to offer its clients a sophisticated, yet highly cost-effective “mix” of new patient acquisition and retention vehicles. By working exclusively with dental professionals, and the unique challenges they face, ADM has developed a suite of services unmatched in their ability to offer dentists an affordable means for rapid practice growth. AIM Dental Marketing advocates and supports the patient-centered practice and works with you to maximize patient value, make the connection, and promote your oral systemic practice via affiliation with such groups as The American Academy for Oral Systemic Health and The American Academy of Private Physicians.


AAOSH Founding Executive Committee Member Daniel Bobrow Speaks With Mike Milligan

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