Test your and your team’s attitude toward two seemingly different types of patient.

Scenario One: Bill, your good patient Fred’s best friend, is getting married, and wants a complete smile makeover in time for his big day.

Scenario Two: Mary, who just received one of your New Patient Invitation Mailings, wants to know how much a crown costs.

Who would you rather talk to?

If you’re like most people, you’d much rather talk to Bill.

But if you really want to grow your practice, you and your staff will want to to speak with Mary.

Because Mary represents the future of your practice.

Bill is already sold.  Mary is simply at a different point on the communication curve. If you and your Team have the proper call handling skills, you should be happy to speak with the Mary.  Those skills include establishing rapport, demonstrating empathy, conveying enthusiasm, and getting the caller to agree (in most cases, to schedule an appointment).  Questions concerning fees, insurance, etc. can all be successfully addressed, once you have the right skill set, including not only what to say, but also how and when to say it.  For example, always sell the practice before qualifying the caller.

When you and your Team successfully make the shift to this mindset, you will be amazed at the results.  People you were sure would never become ‘good’ patients will, to your great delight, prove you wrong!

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