From 2-16 until 2-20 Daniel Bobrow and Virginia Norton will participate in the International Academy of Biological Dentistry & Medicine (IABDM) Meeting aboard the Celebrity Cruise Ship Millennium.

“We’re excited to be connecting with health professionals from various disciplines to gain a deeper insight into improving patient outcomes.” says Bobrow, AIM Dental Marketing’s president and founder.

Oral Systemic-related topics to be presented include:

*Key concepts of FCT homeopathy
*DNA appliance for reactivating cranial-dental
growth in a painless way to treat snoring,
sleep apnea, head-neck-jaw-back pain, facial
asymmetry, fatigue, bags under eyes, and
*Biocompatibilty testing of dental materials
*Heavy metal excretion from body cells by use
of an enhanced earth’s magnetic field
*Ozone therapy

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