From July 29th until August 5th, Daniel A. ‘Danny’ Bobrow, AIM Dental Marketing’s president and executive director of Climb For A Cause will attend the Special Operations Forces Academy at Camp Pendleton, VA.

“The maximum age for actual Seals candidates is 28 years, so this is more of an adventure vacation for me.” Says the 54 year old Bobrow.

Bobrow became aware of the Event through his connection with Don Mann, the Seal who trained the Seal Team Six unit responsible for killing Usama Bin Laden (learn more at

Following the 7 day training will be a 24 hour adventure challenge. Bobrow concludes “I’m really looking forward to the Seal Adventure Challenge, which I expect will be more along the lines of an adventure race, and an opportunity to apply the skills I’ve learned in the week leading up to it.”

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