In July of 1989,  ADM President and co-founder Daniel A. ‘Danny’ Bobrow, MBA, MBA and his brother, Michael Bobrow, DDS founded what was then called The American Dental Company.

“We began with a dream of helping private practice dentists more effectively connect with those they sought to serve.” shares Daniel.  “Little did we know how little resemblance our firm would bear to that start up.”

In 1989 A.D.M. had one Offering – pressure sensitive (also known as sticky) Labels onto which was imprinted the name and address of new move ins.

Fast forward 26 years to where AIM Dental Marketing is now one of the oldest health care marketing consultancies in the profession, offering a complete array of dental practice building services.

“To celebrate our 26th anniversary, we’re offering a Free Dental Website SEO Audit Tool.  The tool helps dental practices see how their website ranks and perform vis a vis the competition, and delivers insights on how to make a tangible positive difference in their website performance.”

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