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AllPoints™  Direct Mail Marketing Service
The results of multi-targeted variable print
for the price of a postage stamp!

Let ADM combine the latest in dental direct marketing technology to reach your desired audiences with a message that is unique to them.

What is Multi-Targeted Variable Print Technology?

It’s the ability to communicate a unique message, offer and imagery to an address based on that household’s characteristics. It combines a name-specific offer with matching lifestyle imagery to simultaneously:

  • Reactivate lapsed patients,
  • Promote services to current patients
  • Reach newcomers to your community
  • Reach area residents with specific conditions who will benefit from your practice’s Unique Offering

Exceptional Response

Appending a mailer with a person’s name increases response by 40% — and list driven customization can increase response to marketing efforts by 500%!*

Key Benefits

  • Visible: Large, multi-colored, professionally produced and customized mailer ensures you stand out from the crowd (See Sample Below)

  • Affordable: Cost can be 40%-70% less than traditional dental direct mail marketing.

  • Exclusive: Own your service area!

  • Reliable: First Class dependability

  • Ultra-Customized: Change names, messages, images, and offers on a house-by-house basis!

  • Measurable: Track response by address, unique phone number, website address, and QR codes

  • Easy: Simplified set up process

How It Works

ADM does it all!  We help identify your ideal target audiences, designs and print your mailers, then manage and monitor your program to ensure flawless execution and maximum ROI.  We even help you:

  • Determine Your Budget

  • Select Variables/List Elements: Demographics, Lifestyle, Interest,

  • Develop Your Campaign: Timing, Frequency, Continuous
    Improvement Plan

  • Determine Success Metrics

What’s truly remarkable is that this powerful solution can be yours for around the price of a postage stamp!

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