These are the three dimensions upon which an effective web presence should be measured.

Attracting qualified web visitors entails using both conventional and internet-based marketing tactics. Examples of conventional tactics include: direct mail, radio, billboard, television, stationery, or anywhere, other than the Internet,where people might see or hear your website address.

Internet-Based tactics are subdivided into organic and paid search. Organic search has to do with how your web site is built and maintained. It is sometimes referred to as search engine optmization, which is a fancy way of saying that, whatever you do with your website, recognize you’re playing to two audiences; human beings and search engine robots a.k.a. bots. Paid search, also termed pay-per-click, is an online auction in which sellers bid to have their website link rank highly on the sponsored links sections of search engine results pages.

Impressing qualified web site visitors means offering a favorable experience to visitors of the aesthetics and function or ‘look and feel’ of your website.

Motivating your visitors requires that you first recognize that people will encounter your website at different stages in their ‘search cycle.’ We divide web surfers into three groups:

  • Trigger Pullers: those who are ready to act
  • Tire Kickers: those who, for a number of reasons, are interested but not yet ready to take action
  • DNRs (for Do Not Resuscitate) those who, upon perusing your site, have decided that yours is not the practice for them.

Every site attracts its share of DNRs. As long as you are not paying to do so, and your site accurately and appropriately conveys who you are and what you offer, you need not be concerned with this group.

It is, however, key to maximizing the ROI from your web investment, to understand how to effectively communicate, not only with Trigger Pullers, but also with Tire Kickers. Why? Simply put, because today’s Tire Kicker IS tomorrow’s Trigger Puller. And oh yes: it is believed that Tire Kickers* represent as much as SIXTY PERCENT OF WEBSITE TRAFFIC!

*A Tire Kicker is someone who makes a purchasing decision within one year
or less of beginning their web search.

So be sure your website is structured to encourage this group to communicate with you, as well as the Trigger Pullers. Just be patient, and you WILL see the benefit!


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