On Wednesday, June 17th, Dr. Peter Evans will deliver a follow up Case Study entitled:

Double New Patient Value – And Have Your Patients Thank You For It

ADM’s Practice Perfection Educational Series is excited to host Dr. Peter Evans, President of The BioCompatible Dentist, and a founding member of The American Academy for Oral Systemic Health (AAOSH).

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Dr. Evans serves as a coach to other dental professionals, both on a local and national level, teaching practice management and efficiency. He also shares his personal knowledge regarding BioCompatible Dental Care with others in the field through speaking engagements.

Learn to connect with an untapped segment of your practice in this fact-filled, no holds barred webcast that will forever change the way you view your patients and transform your practice!

Evans is the author of several programs addressing topics such as BioCompatible/Biologic Dentistry – The Whole Body Effect and ‘mercury safe dentistry’ which delivers complete resources to dentists who want to practice BioCompatible/Biologic dentistry and create a health centered dental practice.

If you want to take the 30% of your patients who are going green, pursuing alternative health care possibilities, and buying into their health toward the new medical model of dentistry for whole body health, Dr. Evans will show you the way.


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