Although this webcast took place over six years ago, it is still what most would consider leading edge, which is a testament to the prescience of the presenter, but also perhaps a not so flattering commentary on the state of the oral health care profession. In fairness, adopting innovation is, almost by definition, a rather slow process (for more on this topic see Diffusion of Innovations by Everett Rogers).  Webcast registrants hailed from several health professions and included massage therapists, chiropractors, nutritionists, dentists, and physicians. Their familiarity and comfort with biological dentistry ranged from a complete lack of familiarity to being self-described as a biological dentist. Perspectives ranged from belief in leading edge medicine to skepticism as to its credibility and efficacy.

Dental attendees shared that their recommended treatment for the replacement of an extracted tooth included implants, fixed bridges, and removable partials. Attendees asked questions about networking in dentistry, big opportunities in thermography, and monetizing the biological dentistry model. Topics covered included chelation, gene therapy, biocompatible materials, and mercury-free vs. mercury-safe dentistry. The point was made that dentistry can be toxic to the patient, the team, and the environment.

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The following is excerpted from my introduction to the PracticePerfection™ webcast entitled:  Biological Diagnosis and Therapy: Exploring Holistic Health Alternatives:

Hello everyone and welcome to this latest in our web-based learning series.  I’m Danny Bobrow, president of AIM Dental Marketing, and it is my distinct pleasure to have with us this evening Dr. Dawn Ewing, whose presentation is entitled Biological Diagnosis and Therapy: Exploring Holistic Health Alternatives.

Dr. Dawn is the executive director for the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine.  She is owner of Holistic Health Alternatives, a Houston-Based Integrative Practice, which helps its patients find and benefit from the ‘dental-medical connection.’ She holds a Ph.D in Integrative Medicine from Capital University, is a registered dental hygienist, licensed paramedic and holds a number of different licenses. I could continue to share her numerous accolades, designations and awards but, to maximize our time today to hear from Dr. Dawn, I will simply direct those of you who wish to learn more about her at

We will, at the conclusion of today’s presentation, offer a couple of very special opportunities to expand your understanding of how to incorporate biological dentistry into your life and practice, so stay tuned for that. You’ll also want to stay connected because following Dr. Dawn’s presentation you will have the opportunity to ask questions of Dr. Dawn.  So you do not forget your question, you will be able to ask them during her presentation simply by typing your comment or question into the lower right portion of your screen where it reads chat.

With that, it is my sincere pleasure to introduce Dr. Dawn Ewing to the PracticePerfection

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