Luck is Preparation Meeting Opportunity

Your practice, if it is like 99.99 percent of practices in this regard, has three gateways through which prospective patients enter your practice. These gateways are:

  • Your Front Door
  • Your Telephone
  • Your Website

Unless yours is a storefront practice blessed with high walk and drive-by traffic, the majority of new patients will first need to make contact with your office via the telephone. Even a highly successful web presence requires, in most cases, that a telephone conversation precede an appointment.

Clearly, then, the importance of ensuring a positive experience by first-time callerls to your office cannot be over stated.

A simple way to monitor the new patient experience with your practice is to call yourself.

Call yourself during office hours to evaluate how calls are being answered.

Call yourself during office hours and ask to be placed on hold to confirm that your on hold message is: set to the proper volume and contrast, offers current information, (and is turned on!)

Call yourself after office hours to confirm how calls are being handled by your answering service or voice mail, (and to ensure it is working at all)

To ensure this is being done on a consistent basis, assign the task to yourself or someone on your Team and confirm they have it set as a recurring reminder in whatever scheduling system they use.

It may sound like busy work, but imagine the cost to your practice of investing in markting tactics to get the phone to ring, then not answering, not properly handling inquiries when they’re generated!

This advice is based on ”real world experience’ so do not think it cannot happen to you!

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