I recently attended a presentation delivered by William Funchion to my Toastmasters Group on the keys to effective writing and speaking.  As more dentists are ‘taking their show on the road’ (see Installment one of my What’s Working In Oral Systemic Practice Dental Town Column), the principles and insights presented will help any aspiring or already successful professional get his or her message out even more successfully.

Salient points include:

Five Stages of Effective Writing (order IS important)

  1. Discovery
  2. Organization
  3. Draft
  4. Revision (represents up to 80% of the work)
  5. Editing (preparing for Publication)

All components  i.e. Introduction, content, conclusion must support your

  • Audience
  • Topic
  • Purpose

the essence of professional writing and speaking

  • Thesis Statement – Generally, a claim, judgment, or interpretation
  • Extended Thesis Statement
  • Implied Thesis Statement “for the super professional only”

Defn. – Extended Thesis Statement – one sentence to get reader’s interest and attention e.g
You can become a superior student if you master six skills

Where one moves results of their search strategy to appropriate parts of outline (intro/paragraphs)

Conclusion – Choose which best suits your Audience, Topic and Purpose

  • Statement
  • Prediction
  • Call To Action
  • Solution
  • (missed a couple others)

“To communicate effectively, have something to say”
– Abraham Lincoln

Click here for Notes from The Lecture

I encourage and applaud all who step outside their comfort zone to share valuable and often life-saving information to current and prospective dental patients and members of your professional referral network!

by Danny Bobrow

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