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Connections Email Campaign

Please review each of the links below to view the email content your website visitors will receive when they complete a form on your website. Each of these will be customized with your specific information and design. All we ask is for you to review the content to confirm it is acceptable, and if you wish, share your feedback with us.

Contact Request or Make an Appointment Form Completion

Special Report Form Completion

Because the Connections Emails are sent out in sequence, and at approximate one month intervals, it is only time-sensitive that you review: Your Contact Request, Your Special Report, and confirm the content for the first 2-3 Connections Emails prior to your website going live. You may then, at your convenience, either review and submit changes to the other Volumes, or wait to receive them in your inbox and make any requested changes then.

Schedule for Delivery: (Day refers to the number of days after initial form submission)

Connections Volume I – Day 10
Connections Volume II – Day 32
Connections Volume III – Day 54
Connections Volume IV – Day 76
Connections Volume V – Day 98
Connections Volume VI – Day 120
Connections Volume VII – Day 142
Connections Volume VIII – Day 164
Connections Volume IX – Day 186
Connections Volume X – Day 208
Connections Volume XI – Day 230
Connections Volume XII – Day 252
Connections Volume XIII – Day 274
Connections Volume XIV – Day 296
Connections Volume XV – Day 318
Connections Volume XVI – Day 340


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