Direct Mail
Each month print out an alphabetized list of all new patients who have enrolled in the practice. Include: Name, First Visit Date, Complete Mailing Address. Then compare this list with your Direct Mail List, and look for matches. You’ll be amazed at how this number differs from your “subjective” tracking system.

Radio, TV, Billboard
Assign a unique (ideally “vanity” i.e. memorable) telephone number to each advertising medium. You now have a reliable tracking source, namely, your phone bill. You can also track lead quality by e.g. determining whether the caller ultimately converted into a patient

Likewise, assign a unique, vanity telephone number to your site(s) to distinguish calls generated via your website from those originating elsewhere. Also, most web service providers include a reporting utility so you can ascertain detailed information about who is clicking through, when, from where, and through what pages.

Your tracking may never be 100-percent accurate, but every dollar that is reallocated to a more productive use increases your average return on investment. Accuracy is Profit!

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