A client, who shall remain nameless, is promoting a service with a stack of post cards provided to him by her invisible braces vendor.

That’s great except, when I turned the card over, it read “…Get your teeth straight in 2008!” Problem is, it’s almost 2010.

I understand how it can hurt to discard a ‘perfectly good’ stack of cards. However, that needs to be balanced against the ‘need’ to consistently demonstrate that yours is a practice with a high degree of professionalism and attention to detail. If you cannot receive more current communications from your vendor, a ‘compromise solution’ is to have someone write “extended through 12-31-09!,” which also creates a bit of urgency.

While placed on hold at another client’s office, I heard their on hold message announce “2006 marks our tenth year serving the XYZ community.” This again sends a negative message to both current and prospective patients.

The routine of work can make it easy to become ‘blind’ and ‘deaf’ to things that may not reflect positively on your practice. So make a point of taking a fresh look at (and listen to) your practice. Keep your eyes and ears open to ensure all your “patient touch points” including: magazines in your reception area, information and photographs on your website, in your external communications, etc. convey accurate, relevant, and timely information.

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