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Daniel A. Bobrow

Daniel A. ‘Danny’ Bobrow, BS (Economics), MBA (Finance), MBA (Marketing)

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Daniel’s presentations include breathtaking images of the many peaks he has climbed worldwide and are intended, not only to entertain and inspire, but more important, impart specific skills and technology, which participants may immediately put to work for their practice.

Daniel on Aconcagua’s Summit
Roof of the Americas (22,841 ft.)
Success following four attempts over 12 years.

This Expedition We Call Life
Drawing from his climbing and adventure racing exploits,  Daniel presents an ‘expedition checklist’ for success in reaching whatever ‘summit’ you seek.  The climbing metaphor is used to dramatic effect as Daniel sets the stage for a successful “summit attempt” by sharing such distinctions as ‘beginning with the end in mind,’ preparing for your First Step, planning your Path, and ‘looking forward to failure.’

Danny competing in the 2015
Speaking Consulting Network’s
Spotlight on Speaking

This presentation is ideal for after dinner or keynote.

One Hour to Ninety Minute Format

Growing The Oral Systemic Practice (O.S.P.)
As Founding Board Member, Treasurer, and Executive Committee Chair  of the American Academy For Oral Systemic Health (AAOSH) Daniel is eminently qualified to share the distinctions a practice must possess to effectively brand itself as an O.S.P.  Daniel presents these distinctions by covering each of “The Three Cs”,  that is, products, services, and protocols, which enhance Clinical, Collaborative, and Communications proficiency.

Using case studies of practices at various points along their “OSP Saga” Daniel shares the opportunities, as well as the pitfalls, inherent in making the shift from Traditional to Oral systemic practice.

Two Hour to Half-Day Format

Danny takes his work and his commitment to his clients very seriously. Anyone in attendance at one of his programs knows his information will be both factual and useful. His heart is always in the right place and we ALL benefit from that viewpoint on Marketing Today.

–Janice Hurley, The Image Expert, Scottsdale, AZ

100 Patient Reviews In 100 Days – YOU CAN DO IT!  Positive Reviews from your patients is one of these best ways to grow you practice.  Why?  Because Google and the other search engines use a steady stream of reviews and testimonials posted to online directories, and especially Google and its subsidiary Youtube to gauge the quality and relevance of your practice.  Equally important, people looking for a dentist in your area do the same thing!  Learn the simple, but highly effective technique and technology that will guarantee Rave Reviews that other dental practices are using to dominate their market.  Now, it’s your turn!

Two Hour Format

Worth A Million Words – Securing Patient Testimonial Videos
In this fun and fast paced workshop, attendees master the nine step process for securing patient testimonial videos, as well as the ‘Double Win’ this has for growing a dental practice.  Verbal skills making the process a successful and enjoyable one cover the gamut from patient scheduling, to interviewing and post video patient follow up.  Technical skills include scheduling, the shoot, and optimizing your videos.

One Hour to Ninety Minute Format

Image from Marathon Des Sables
“World’s Toughest Endurance Race”
Daniel Finished in the top third
of over 1000 starting competitors

Master The Art of First Impressions

Hear Daniel Speaking at the AADPA Annual Session

What’s the most valuable tool in the dental practice? If you guessed the telephone, you’re right.  Daniel demonstrates how the proper telephone equipment, and far more important, call handling technique, are critical to the growth of any dental practice.

Daniel takes attendees on a road trip where Point A is a call received from a prospective patient to Point B; a happily enrolled new patient.  It soon becomes clear, however, that the road from Point A to B is anything but a  straight line.  ‘Points of interest’ that are mandatory to ‘visit’ include: establishing rapport, conveying empathy, exuding enthusiasm, and asking the right questions in the right way at the right time.

‘Detours’ along the way include: the self-fulfilling prophesy trap, the visual gap, negatively charged words, asking the wrong questions at the wrong time in the wrong order, and much more.

Particular emphasis is placed on handling so called price shopper, insurance, and second opinion calls.

Attendees will leave the lecture with a new view and skill set preparing them to become master telephone communicators and convert nearly any call into a solid patient appointment.

Three Hour to Full Day Format


Master The Art of First Impressions

Daniel at the American Academy of Private Physician Annual Session in Chicago.  He shared with MDs the key success components for concierge medical practices

I had the pleasure of attending Daniel’s lecture on The Art of First Impressions at the American Academy of Private Physicians Regional Meeting in Scottsdale. He clearly conveyed the distinctions necessary for the medical team to become Master Telephone Communicators without intimidating or overwhelming attendees who, to a large extent, were hearing these pearls of wisdom for the first time.  I have since shared these pearls with my team and have seen a marked improvement in their ability to connect with prospective patients in my practice.

Alexander Slepak, MD
Scottsdale Center for Dental Medicine


Do Well By Doing Good
Cause-Related Image Enhancement and Promotion

Using Dentists’ Climb For A Cause and The Smile Tree as models, Daniel presents this underutilized, but powerful, tool to generate and maintain positive exposure for the practice. Attendees will leave equipped with all the tools and resources they need to conceive, implement, and continue their very own cause-related marketing system.

Two Hour to Half-Day Format

We had a special treat at the Rocky Mountain Dental Convention this year when Daniel Bobrow came to present on Dentists Climb for a Cause and the Smile Tree.  Speaking on a panel of experts in dental missions and outreach opportunities, Mr. Bobrow excited the crowd with the possibilities of a high alpine ascent in the name of dental charity.  Mr. Bobrow was able to carefully articulate the point to the crowd of dental professionals that one can do well, in your practice, while doing good, for others.  It was a pleasure sitting in on this lecture and I came out feeling excited to climb for a cause myself.

Ian Paisley, DDS, Denver, Colorado
Rocky Mountain Dental Convention Chairman


Daniel Bobrow at the 2012 Rocky Mountain Dental Convention

Danny was one of our first Content Providers on DentalEdu.TV website.  His course was packed with marketing pearls that have provided my members valuable tools to weather today’s slower economy.

–Bradley J Engle, DMD MHS,
Founder of DentalEdu.TV, Naples, FL

From summit of Mt. McKinley, Alaska
Photograph by Daniel Bobrow, 7/4/99
Practice Networking With Social Media
Don’t Just Do It: Do It Right
Social networking seems all the rage, and with good reason. Done correctly, it holds great promise to grow your practice and manage your online reputation.

Daniel presents, down to the ‘keystroke level’ how to time-efficiently create and maintain profile and fan “like” pages and events, link to and from your website, set up and maintain your blog, record and post videos, monitor online activity, encourage patients to post positive reviews to relevant sites, and in other ways, such as contests and events, ‘get the word out’ about your practice.

Of equal value, case studies on how not to use social networking sites are also covered.

I had the pleasant privilege to be the host for Daniel at our Florida National Dental Convention in Orlando, I attended his full day presentations on social media and telephone skills mastery. Danny has a real feel for marketing a dental practice. Coming from a dental family, he has grown up with an insight to what is involved in the running of a practice. Danny takes a very analytical approach, but is easy to follow and entertaining to listen to.

A day spent with Danny will certainly be time well spent.

Howard L. Pranikoff, DDS, MScD
Diplomate, American Board of Endodontics
Secretary, FDAS, Inc.
Immediate Past President, Central FL District Dental Assoc.
Board of Governors, Tel Aviv University

Ormond Beach, FL

                                                                                   2 Hour Format

Danny is one of the most original and dynamic speakers in dentistry today. His message is fresh and full of take-away nuggets that can help any dental practice grow and thrive in today’s competitive market.

–Dave Reznik, DDS Sky’s The Limit, Atlanta, GA

The Grand Teton, Wyoming
Making Tracks!
Keys To Maximizing The Return On Your
Dental Marketing Investment

Daniel demonstrates, through case studies and “class participation,” the essential ingredients to structuring and maintaining a complete, accurate, timely, and reliable marketing strategy tracking system. Key concepts presented include: Not Knowing What You Don’t Know Can Be Costly; the tangible benefits to your Team as M.T.C.s ‘Master Telephone Communicators’, putting technology to work for you: reliably monitoring results (and ROI), Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to ensure Team ‘Buy-In’, and more.

                                                      3 Hour to Half-Day Format

I had the honor to host Daniel for the Missouri Dental Association’s Summer Funfest.

His TAKE  AIM (Actionable Intelligence Marketing) lecture was so compelling I signed up as a client.

In my 33 years as a General Dentist I had never done any marketing. Thanks to Daniel, we now have a new logo, new look, high-quality targeted marketing plan, and a first class web site.

–Charles McGinty, D.D.S.,
Past President,
Missouri Dental Association

Of Caterpillars and Butterflies
Take A.I.M. With Your Website!

After gauging the experience level of the audience*, Mr. Bobrow shows how to Attract, Impress, and Motivate website visitors that is, Take A.I.M. with your website!

2 Hour to Half-Day Format

*Upon Request, Mr. Bobrow will perform an Internet Marketing Performance Analysis (IMPA)
for each attendee. Website URLs must be provided a minimum of 45 days before presentation.
The per participant cost to perform the analysis is $89. This Special Offer, normally costing
$395, is extended to your Meeting Attendees only.

Danny Bobrow has the ability to synthesize processes, which enables him to deliver a unique perspective. He is an ‘outside the box’ thinker and a clear communicator of ideas.

–Ric Walker , The Second City Training Center, Chicago, IL

Coping With Conflict
Dispute Resolution in the Office

Mr. Bobrow draws upon his training and experience as a Certified Mediator and Arbitrator to show practitioner and Team various ways to successfully defuse conflict in the work place. More important, he shows through his ‘ounce of prevention’ steps, how to avoid conflict before it ever arises.

One to Two Hour Format


Welcome or Do Not Disturb?
Are your Telephone, Web Page and Practice Dressed For Success?

Mr. Bobrow employs various techniques to place practitioner and staff “in the patient’s shoes,” and shows how subtle differences in the way the phone is answered, patient is greeted, and how the website is structured, can make a huge difference on patient perception…and the practice’s bottom line.

                                               Two Hour to Half-Day Format

Pushing The Envelope
What it Takes To Succeed with Dental Direct Mail TODAY

Direct Mail continues to be one of the most cost-effective strategies to grow a dental practice; the key is knowing how to remain ‘ahead of the curve’. Mr. Bobrow shares some of the ‘tips and secrets’ he has learned in his 20+ years working with dental practices nationwide to successfully keep a few steps ahead of the competition. In addition, he presents the seven necessary steps that characterize all successful direct mail strategies: Objectives, Budgeting, Benefit/Cost Calculation, Target & Frequency, Design & Content, Implementation, and Tracking.

                                              Two Hour to Half-Day Format

Upon request, Mr. Bobrow can perform Geo-Demographic and Internet Marketing Performance Analyses for individual participants in advance of the presentation. In this way, participants feel as though they are receiving one-on-one attention from Mr. Bobrow (because they are)!

NOTE: The per participant cost to to perform the analyses are
as follows:

Geo-Demographic Analysis: $75

Internet Marketing Performance Assessment: $89

Practice information (practice name, owner name, telephone, and physical, email & website address) is required a minimum of 45 days in advance of presentation. These Services, normally costing $995, is extended to your Meeting Attendees only (minimum order quantity: 30).

Mr. Bobrow can also tailor a presentation to accommodate the unique needs of your group.

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