If you already have in place the means to track call activity, always call anyone who hangs up without leaving a message.

People don’t only fail to leave a message because they’ve called the wrong number.

They may hang up because of too many rings, getting distracted, changing their mind (temporarily), etc.  Yes, they may be a wrong number, but you cannot know that until you reach out to them.

Here’s a case In Point:

I received this email from a client of ours:

The day we began our direct mail program, we got inundated with calls.  So?
much so that we were unable to get to all of them.  We received a Good?
Call Notification through our tracking  software from a caller who did not?
leave a message.  I called them back, and learned they hung up because?
they got another call while trying to reach us.  They appreciated our?
reaching out to them and promptly scheduled an appointment.”

–Kate Fey, Office Manager,
The Smile Effect, Ithaca, NY

So, to squeeze every bit of return on your investment in marketing, make it a policy to follow up with whoever tries to call your office.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the result!

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