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What Sets Us Apart

  • We continually monitor the quality score that search engines assign your website and proactively implement strategies to increase that score. As part of this process, we ensure that the bids you place are neither too low nor too high to achieve an optimal ranking position in search engine results pages (SERPs).
  • The sad truth is that many, if not most, dental marketing companies do not share details on how frequently they access and monitor your account. AIM Dental Marketing (ADM) guarantees access and adjustments to your PPC account an average of four times per week; far more than other firms do. No ‘set it and forget it’ for our clients!
  • We understand the need for flexibility with your account management and provide reporting when most convenient for your practice. All ADM Clients receive regular reports demonstrating the results of our efforts in easy to understand language and graphics.

Where indicated, AIM Dental Marketing manages Yelp, Facebook, Google AdWords, and other proven search platforms.

Understanding Conversion Rates

Simply put, a conversion means a user took the action you desired, such as requesting more information or scheduling an appointment. Our typical rate for client conversion is 10.93%,that’s more than four times the average rate of PPC conversions for the Health & Medical industry.

Pay Per Click Demystified

Pay per click (PPC) advertising allows you to bid on keywords, and only pay when a potential new patient clicks through to your website. These ads typically appear on the top and right-hand side of organic results from a search engine results page, also known as a SERP. With PPC management, we target the keywords and phrases, and create compelling ad copy, which drives patients who are searching for a dentist directly to your website.

The SERP ranks each keyword-targeted ad based on its quality score and your maximum per-click bid. The bid for a keyword depends on its popularity and number of other bidders, as well as other factors dictated by Google’s ever changing algorithm.

You can minimize your cost and risk with help from AIM Dental Marketing.

The ADM Team researches and identifies the most appropriate keywords to target, and constantly monitors the performance of those keywords to ensure you’re getting the best possible results.

We also identify those geographic regions which, when targeted, most benefit your practice’s R.O.I. by delivering high conversion traffic that costs less to generate. We regularly monitor your PPC campaign’s performance and share those results with you. Our overriding goal is to increase the efficiency of your campaign by lowering cost per click and increasing patient conversions.

Understanding Keyword Research

AIM Dental Marketing employs advanced strategies for keyword research to identify the most relevant keywords and phrases for your practice. This is an essential first step in the PPC process. To be successful a practice must identify the right keywords and phrases to attract potential patients to its website, who then request more information or schedule an appointment. Guessing about those keywords that will attract visitors is both costly and ineffective.

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