In a previous post To Disconnect, Press 1 To CONNECT, Impress ALL we presented the requirements
for connecting with callers, namely, establishing empathy, exuding enthusiasm, and using verbal skills
to get the caller to agree. Getting to ‘yes’ can, however, sometimes be a long and winding road.
When we look within, we awaken
own voice’ and are, therefore, best viewed as ‘cheat sheets’ to help learn the key steps to
successfully converting a caller to a firm appointment.

Often, dental team members bristle at the idea of using call handling scripts because “I sound like I’m
reading a script.” I wholeheartedly concur. Call handling scripts are but a tool to help team members
‘find their

So, take your time with the caller. If they want to talk about their dog, their boss, their shoes, whatever,
listen. It goes a long way toward establishing that all-important empathy.

Remember: people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

Some coaches also suggest that ‘less is more’ that is, the objective is to get off the phone as quickly as
possible, presumably to avoid saying something that might discourage the caller from coming into the office.
I feel that, as with most pursuits in life, first we learn, then we achieve, then we do it fast. Rushing through
a call, especially if one is only beginning to master the skills required, is to deny the need to ‘walk before we run.’
It is counterproductive to go for the appointnent before the caller has signaled that he/she is sufficiently
comfortable doing so.

Ask yourself this: would you rather spend two minutes with a caller who does not appoint, or five minutes with
one who does? To me, those extra three minutes are time well spent!

With practice comes speed. But before speed their is training, then proficiency, then excellence (then more training!)

by Danny Bobrow

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