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Growing The Oral Systemic Practice

Thank you for your decision to grow your oral systemic practice.

Why am I thanking you?

Because your decision represents, not simply a commitment to your personal and professional growth, it also means taking a stand for the health of your community. It means educating your current and prospective patients about the role a healthy mouth plays in relation to overall health, and practicing a multidisciplinary approach to patient care.

OSP Clinical Collaborative Communications

The oral systemic practice places special emphasis on what we like to call “The Three C’s” that is:


  • Clinical
    Remaining current on the latest research and findings, and acquiring and maintaining proficiency with protocols and procedures
  • Collaborative
    Generating cross referrals from health care providers outside dentistry and
  • Communications
    Advising, educating and encouraging current and prospective patients to say “yes” to your oral systemic Offering

To support your commitment to diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of oral systemic conditions, we are pleased to offer a suite of products and services that, taken together, comprise a comprehensive oral-systemic practice marketing plan.

To get started, simply view our Offering below,

and thank you.

Internal (Communicating with your patients)

External (Communicating with prospective patients)

Collaborating with physicians and other health professionals

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