Some call it disruptive marketing. By whatever name, it means not assuming what worked in the past will work today.

Case in point.

A major manufacturer of fasteners (screws, nails, etc.) held its annual planning session. The CEO asked if anyone wanted to suggest where the industry was headed. The newest employee stood and said “Based on the fact that so much prefabrication involves the use of adhesives, I think glue is going to the direction we ought to be headed.” To this the CEO responded “We’re in the fastener business. We sell screws and nails. If you have nothing to contribute to this discussion, please be quiet.”

Often the challenge is even greater because your public may not know what it’s going to want, and therefore buy, any more than you do.

Dental marketing professionals need to understand what your patients want, often before they know they want it themselves. Witness the shift from emergency, to maintenance, to cosmetics, to systemic (diagnosis, prevention, and treatment) care. The dental practice that knows what its patients want and is equiped not only to deliver, but effectively convey what it offers, will excel.

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