Deanna Alexander wrote in the Spring, 2011 Issue of the American Association of Dental Officer Manager’s (AADOM) Observer:

I recall sitting in a seminar in the mid 90’s, and hearing
that the new century was going to be all about cosmetic
dentistry. I thought “I don’t think so. Not in our area.
” I am eating my words today!

The next wave upon us is oral-systemic health delivered by dentists…..Are you ready for it?

I have my internet Alerts set to, among other things,  notify me whenever the term ‘oral systemic’ is indexed by Google.  One year ago it was not unusual for weeks to pass without receiving such an alert.  Now, hardly a day goes by where someone, be they in the media, medicine, or dentistry, does not add a landing page to their website, write an article, post a blog, or conduct an interview concerning the vital importance of a healthy mouth to a healthy body and quality of life.

The time to expand your oral systemic armamentarium, communicate with your patients and the community about the importance and value of best in class oral care, and growing your professional referral network is now because those practices that do will establish a powerful practice brand your esteemed colleagues will find it difficult to compete against.

And don’t be surprised if one day in the not too distant future the term dentist will be an anachronism, replaced by the more accurate term:

Oral Physician.

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