Because March is National Kidney Month, now is the perfect time to make your patients aware of another important oral systemic link.

You may already know that the health of the kidneys can have a direct affect on oral health, but there is ongoing research suggesting ever stronger and important correlations.

Many common oral issues, including xerostomia and inflamed salivary glands may be caused by kidney disease.  There are, of course, other causative factors, but periodontitis and other oral conditions may be the first symptoms your body shows of emergent renal disease. Halitosis is yet another symptom of kidney disease.

If not already present, consider expanding your health history and patient intake forms to include questions about kidney disease, and include in your and your Team’s communications with your patients the implications, which the foregoing can have for their kidney health.

While you’re at it, remind them of the important links between gum disease and cardiovascular disease.


by Danny Bobrow


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