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Thanks to Vanessa Emerson and the Directory of Dental Speakers (DDS) for helping spread the word about ADM’s Patient Testimonial Video Generator Service.

“Vanessa has been extremely supportive of our work, and we appreciate her very much.” says ADM President Daniel A. ‘Danny’ Bobrow. “I’ve known Vanessa for years. Her Directory of Dental Speakers service helped propel my speaking career. She is a highly talented individual, and always ready to help.” concludes Bobrow.

The Service is the result of research into what prevents practices from consistently generating and optimizing high quality patient testimonial videos. “We identified 9 steps that are essential to mastering this process. To the great relief of dental practices everywhere, we’ve found we can deliver the coaching in under one hour, and, we guarantee the results.” says Bobrow.

Also included in the Service are: Suggested Verbiage to encourage dental patients to say ‘yes’ to the video; a Video Release, the 9-step process in pdf format, and a Powerpoint presentation for practice owner and Team to review at their leisure.

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When Patients Do The Talking, New Patients Listen!

Dental Patient Testimonial Generator

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