The fitness center, of which I have been a Member for years, has a locker room with both half and full length lockers. The lockers are for temporary use only, that is, Members may not keep articles in a locker overnight.

In the entire time I have been a Member, I’ve never been able to secure a full length locker, which is unfortunate, as the smaller lockers make it difficult to keep one’s business attire clean and unwrinkled.

Last month, the center was bought by another group. Immediately upon the transfer of ownership, it became easy to find unused, and full length, lockers.

What had happened?

Under the previous ownership, the center’s employees were either allowed to use the full length lockers for their own needs, or any policy restricting such use was not enforced.

Closer to (the dental) home, a client of ours owns a small parking lot adjacent to his practice. Notwithstanding our recommendations that these spots be kept open for dental patients, thereby offering a highly valued benefit, namely, convenient parking, the lot is consistently filled with employees’ cars.

Speaking as one who has both worked in a fitness club, and had to contend with difficult parking situations at work, I can sympathize with both employee groups. But, in an increasingly competitive marketplace (including those for fitness and dental services), it is incumbent upon management to promulgate and encourage adherence to a policy whose paramount tenet is Customers (or Members or Patients) First. It is the standard by which you should, and your patients will, gauge their satisfaction with, and loyalty to, your practice.

Being ever vigilant for ways to demonstrate that yours is a truly dental patient-centered practice is key to achieving and maintaining a rock solid practice whose foundation is happy dental patients.

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