Millions of people avoid going to the dentist because of fear and anxiety. Even those who routinely visit a dentist report experiencing some level of anxiety. Patients who delay or avoid dental treatment can extend beyond pain to far-reaching systemic health consequences. For dentists and their teams, patient anxiety adversely affects their practice, clinical efficiencies, and their own stress level.

This presentation elucidated numerous factors contributing to the anxious response and their clinical manifestations such as gagging, excessive salivary flow, tongue battles, startle responses, stall tactics, muscle tension, and more. Attendees learned about an advanced neuroscience technology, which has been proven to rapidly, safely, and predictably relax the midbrain stress response without drugs. By safely eliminating patient anxiety, the technology liberates patients from stress and fear, while improving clinical outcomes and practice profitability.

This webcast was delivered by Jim Poole, President and CEO of Solace Lifesciences, the neuroscience company that makes NuCalm. Jim and I met via a mutual friend and owing to my membership in the American Academy of Dental Practice (AADP). His co-presenter, Dr. Gary Imm, has practiced dentistry in MD since the late 1980s, is on the faculty of Dentists Oral Conscious Sedation (otherwise known as DOCs), and taught at the University of Maryland for more than 15 years. His participation allowed attendees to hear his and his teams’ experiences with the NuCalm System.

I was particularly pleased to host this presentation owing to my own positive experiences with the NuCalm system. I invited Jim and Gary to share their story with our subscribers because their Offering represents a unique and hitherto unavailable solution to one of the greatest challenges in dentistry today — removing fear from the equation. This includes discomfort on both the part of the patient as well as the practitioner and team.

This is of particular interest to me because, as one whose job it is to grow the practice primarily by generating new patients, we know that what happens after the patient is in the dental chair has a great deal to do with the practice’s growth. Clearly, if fear is keeping a patient from accepting treatment, nobody wins.  By overcoming that barrier, everyone benefits.

Among the questions covered during the webcast were:

    How long does it take for patients to relax in the dental chair?  Are there any
    scheduling recommendations?

    Can you communicate with patients while they use NuCalm and how do they

    How do dentists discuss/introduce NuCalm with patients?

    How do the cream and the supplement vary, if at all, in terms of response?

    What do dentists charge for NuCalm?

    Are patients able to drive home after the appointment?

    Can it help for anxiety disorders such as ocd?

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