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Responsive Website Development

Responsive Website

Responsive Website Development

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There are three distinct benefits to having your dental website converted to Fully Responsive Technology.

The first benefit is that your dental website now looks virtually identical regardless of the device being used to access it. This is very important from a practice branding standpoint.

The second important benefit is that no function is lost when someone accesses your site from any device. Examples of function that is often unavailable to those searching your website from a mobile device include:

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Live Chat

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This includes not only current, but future technology additions to your website. For instance, it will soon be considered standard for websites to have an online chat feature. With Fully Responsive Technology, you have the peace of mind in knowing that your website will be fully functional for desktop computer and mobile device user alike.

The third benefit making a Fully Responsive website such a value is that, by eliminating your separate mobile optimized website, Google and other search engines have an easier time indexing and understanding what your website is all about, which is key to being ranked high in search engine result pages. Having a single, Fully Responsive dental website means no flags for having the appearance of duplicate content and other issues that are raised from having two websites running in parallel.

With Fully Responsive Technology, your website is not only dressed for success, it’s poised for the future.

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