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Thank you for your interest in AIM Dental Marketing Company’s ADOL™ SEO Services.


What distinguishes all ADOL™ Online Marketing Services is our ‘personal touch.’


Our proven techniques put websites into top ranking positions of search engines for keywords that are important to your specific dental practice and geographic region(s).


We combine extensive keyword and competitive research to give you a strong idea of what it will take to push your website to the top. We combine on-going on-site optimization, link building, research, and competitive analysis to ensure that your website remains above your competition. We keep you updated throughout each month, and supply you with a Monthly Status Report. Each Quarter, you receive a one-on-one telephone conference with our web marketing specialists. Our goal, simply, is to put your website at the top of the organic rankings and keep it there.



Service Components


The ADOL™ SEO Service includes the following:


  • Extensive Keyword Research
    • We use our specialized keyword tools, extensive dental keyword database, and our own personal research to develop your keywords.  We personalize our research based on your practice and your area.


  • Competitive Analysis
    • We research and analyze the top competitors in your market.  We determine where they rank and what their Internet marketing initiatives are. We can then tailor your campaign to surpass their website’s performance.

  • Search Engine Ranking Analysis
    • We run a baseline ranking report before any optimization is done to your website. This report allows us to determine areas of improvement for your website and Internet marketing efforts. We can also use these reports to compare your progress.


  • Complete Initial On-site Optimization
    • Initial on-site optimization includes, but is not limited to:
      • Optimization of meta descriptions & keyword tags.
      • Internal & external link structure analysis & optimization
      • Image tag optimization
      • Content analysis & optimization
      • Keyword density analysis & implementation
      • XML and HTML Site map creation
      • New content creation
      • Optimization of title and H1 tags


  • InboundLink Building
    • To ensure that your website is in the top ranking spots of the search engines we build backlinks to your website on a continuous basis. These not only bring traffic to your website; they also increase the integrity of your website and thus help to increase rankings.


  • The Local Directory Submission
    • We submit your website to local search engines and directories.  We want your website to be found on any type of search engine and any applicable directory.


  • Monthly Status Reports
    • At the beginning of the month you receive a report that describes all work completed on your website in the month prior.  We include all vital statistics to let you know your website’s performance and include the baseline numbers we recorded at the beginning of your campaign for comparison.


  • Continuous On-Site Optimization
    • The search engine landscape is dynamic, and we stay on top of it.  We keep our optimization efforts up-to-date with the major search engines. We keep your website up-to-date so you don’t have to worry about losing ground to your competitors.


  • Statistic Tracking

o        We provide you with an easy to comprehend program to view your website’s statistics.  You will be able to view your traffic, where the traffic is coming from, where visitors are going on your website, and other valuable performance insights.  The program can tell you how many pages visitors viewed and any forms they completed while on your website.


  • Premium Keywords
    • No one knows your dental practice better than you, which is why part of our research includes listening to you.  We want to help your website rank for keywords you feel are important to your practice. We combine our keyword research with the keywords you have chosen to create a premium keyword list. These are the most important keywords to you, so we make sure they rank in the top search engine spots.
    • Some companies will promise you high rankings for 30 or 60 keywords, but they may not be the terms that will actually bring your website relevant traffic. We target only keywords that are deemed relevant to achieving your goals, which means we can devote more effort into each quality, traffic producing, term.

Our first goal is to ensure you rank highly in the search engines for your ‘top tier’ that is, premium keywords. Our second goal is to gain top placement for the ‘second tier’ keywords comprising your Service.  These keywords are still important: they simply do not produce as much quality traffic as do your premium keywords.



Our Recommendations

Based on our review of your specific market and website we have created the following information for your review.










Approx Search Volume

Degree of Difficulty

Monthly Projected Traffic

Monthly Investment


~City Name~ dentist review



995 visitors



~City Name~ dentist office




~City Name~ dentist dr




~City Name~ dentist




~City Name~ dental office



1226 visitors



~City Name~ dental implants




Implant dentistry ~City Name~




~City Name~ dental care




~City Name~ dental




~City Name~ cosmetic dentistry



130 visitors



~City Name~ cosmetic dentist




children's dentist ~City Name~



20 visitors



childrens dentist ~City Name~




children dentist ~City Name~




~City Name~ dentistry



180 visitors



lincoln park dental specialists



52 visitors



lincoln park dental office




lincoln park dental




lincoln park dentistry



35 visitors



lincoln park dentist




~City Name~ Teeth Whitening



53 visitors



Terms Defined

Approx. Search Volume: An average of the estimated number of times that keyword was searched over the last 12 months on Google.


Degree of Difficulty: The Degree of Difficulty is an assessment by our Search engine specialist on the level of competition in order to rank on the first page for a given keyword or keyword grouping.


Monthly Projected Traffic: Based on our industry knowledge and experience, we are able to estimate the amount of traffic you should receive from an average rank of 5 for the keyword or group.


Monthly Cost: The fee associated with our Search Engine Optimization service for the specified keyword or keyword group. This cost is based on a six month engagement.


Campaign Startup


We initiate the search engine campaign with our baseline review and analysis. In addition, we repair the problems identified in our assessment including internal linking, canonical issues, broken links, orphaned pages, spelling errors and duplicate content. These problems, if left unnoticed can deter our efforts because search engines could potentially penalize your website as a direct result of these issues.


One time fee of $x,xxx.


Accepted: ________________________

                                 Client Name


Search Engine Optimization Service

Our SEO Services include 6 months of onsite optimization, reporting, link building and on going research.  We typically see the most ranking improvement from our initial optimization efforts after the first 90 days of your campaign.  We continue to make improvements throughout your Service duration to ensure continuing performance.


We offer and highlight premium keywords so that you rank for those that are most important and highest producing. For us to show you results we need to ensure you rank for your premium keywords. That is why these keywords are our top priority.  We look at this as a form of security that ensures you will get the results you desire.


Thank you for the opportunity to present these Quotes.


Daniel Bobrow

ADM Founder and President