Guess The Backwards Phrase and Play Opposites Attract Here!!!

Introduction to Opposites Attract and Guess The Backwards Phrase

I’m introducing two new games that you are either going to love or hate (kind of like Frank Zappa, The Three Stooges, and Family Guy).

The first game is Guess The Backwards Phrase. I’ll upload an audio clip, and the first person to guess what it says wins an as yet to be determined prize. Obviously, it’s not going to sound exactly the same way backwards as forwards – that would require inhaling while speaking and other physiologically impossible uses of the pharynx – but that’s the fun of it – you have to carefully listen for the word or phrase!

The second game I call Opposites Attract. I share a phrase and you get to guess its meaning. The phrase is derived by taking words or parts of words comprising the sentence and substituting a synonym or antonym for that word. For example:If I say Heaven High, the correct translation would be Hello (Hell Low). Get it?

Good Luck and Have Fun!


9-21-12 Recording
(have included, at end, backwards pronunciation, which, for purposes of the Contest, you may dragersid!)

9-21-12 Opposites Attract Phrase:

Female Lamb


9-20-12 Recording

9-20-12 Opposites Attract Phrase:

Heaven High
Indian Greeting
Sound A Pirate Makes
Female Lamb

It only took 40 minutes for Drs. Carl Stubblefield and Joseph Wineman to guess the answers to today’s puzzler.  Well Done Gentlemen!


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