Now that you have a clear picture of your objectives and budget, and have chosen, based on your benefit/cost analysis, to proceed with the program, it’s time to choose who should receive your mailing and how often. That is, select your mailing target and frequency.

Our company performs this task by first conferring with our client to confirm the preceding three steps. We then search for individuals and households (or businesses, in the case of the Reach At Work mail service) that, based on our experience, are most likely to respond to the invitation we’ll be making on behalf of the client. We use this to arrive at our mailing target. A sample (and simplified) demo-graphic report of the proposed target, which includes zip codes sub-divided by mail carrier routes, and a map of the same area showing mail carrier route boundaries, may be accessed at :

The next Posting will present Step Five of the Seven Steps to Success:

Selecting Mailer Design & Content

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