The final step in the process of implementing a winning direct mail campaign is effective and ongoing program tracking and evaluation.

While some practices try to perform this all-important task, most lack the tools to do a complete and accurate job. We provide our clients with a complete instruction manual on how to completely, accurately, efficiently and reliably track the response of their marketing strategies.

These tools include:

  • Tracking Telephone Numbers (TTNs) to evaluate quality and quantity (see below)
    of calls generated by a given strategy
  • Unique Landing Pages to identify which pages are relatively more popular
  • Analytics Programs to ascertain how people are finding your website
  • Reporting Interfaces, making it simple to access the response data, which is the
    energy that fuels your tracking and evaluation system.

When thinking about tracking, it is important to recognize that doing so offers the twin benefits of quantitative and qualitative evaluations and remedial measures.

Examples of quantitative feedback include:

  • How many people clicked through to one of my web pages vs. another?
  • How many people called the TTN on my direct mail piece?
  • How many calls went into voice mail as opposed ot be picked up

Examples of qualitative feedback include:

  • What kinds of calls are being asked by callers?
  • How are my Team Members doing at ‘connecting’ with callers, and scheduling firm appointments?

Both types of feedback are indispensable in maximizing the return on your investment in direct mail or any marketing strategy.

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