After the second earthquake  in Nepal, which further damaged structures weakened in April’s disaster, it is even more urgent to help with rebuilding and retrofitting buildings to withstand future quakes.

The dental clinic building in Nepal, which houses our dental clinic, as well as seven classrooms and a medical clinic, serves as our Host School in Nepal. The clinic building is one of three buildings (of a total of four) at the Sri Mangal Dvip (SMD) school requiring significant repair and retrofitting to withstand future tremors.  Until they are repaired, the buildings are unusable and school children are learning (and living) outdoors.

We are pleased to share with you that, as a SmileTree Branch Office, we have answered the call by increasing our regular donation level.  In addition to supporting regular oral health education and treatment in Nepal, SmileTree issued a Challenge Grant of $20,000 to assist with the rebuilding and retrofitting of its two clinics.  Amazingly, the Challenge was answered in less than two days!

We are indeed touched by the generosity of our fellow Americans.

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