10-19-11 was a blessed event for me; well, maybe not for me as much as for my business.  Okay, maybe not blessed either, but a milestone, of sorts,  nonetheless.

Just what sort, I cannot say.

10-19-11 is the day I reached 5000 friends on my Facebook Page.  As you may already know, this now (unless and until Facebook changes its rules) means I can accept no more Friends.

So, what happens now?

One thing it means is that, unless I de-friend someone, the only way to add to my social network through FB is by asking people to Like one or more of my business pages.  And, from a business perspective, this could be viewed as a good thing, because, while it does indeed limit the degree of interaction, the ability to send private messages, etc., it also serves to focus the message, making it more likely the Liker will be interested in what is being shared.



And now for the shameless publicity plug
With the foregoing in mind, and whether we are Facebook friends or not, I hope you will consider Liking my Facebook Business Page:


And stay tuned for more on Facebook after 5000.


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