Special Announcement: AAOSH & Perio Protect

AAOSH Membership and Meeting Benefit

AAOSH announces special offer for AAOSH members and the 2012 Cleveland Clinic meeting

AAOSH member dentists who register for and attend the June 2012 Annual Scientific Session at the Cleveland Clinic can save $670 off the $870 cost for Perio Protect certification, Perio Protect training, and two Perio Protect prescription trays. The $670 savings more than offsets the registration cost for the 2012 Annual Scientific Session in Cleveland.

Existing AAOSH member dentists who are currently Perio Protect certified will get 50% off Perio Protect lab fees for ALL their team members (an $80 per person value).

1. AAOSH Member Dentist (current or who signs up at meeting) who IS NOT Perio Protect Certified:

$625.00           a) Perio Protect certification – Live certification webinar or Browser based course

85.00                b) Getting Started Webinar – Live webinar training by P.P. Hygienist

160.00             c) One set of Perio Protect trays – (Perio Protect lab costs for doctor’s trays*)

870.00             Total Value

-670.00            AAOSH Member Perio Protect Meeting Discount

$200.00           Cost

*Offer extends to hygienist in an office where dentist/owner is not AAOSH member; (case-by-case approval required).

2. AAOSH Member who is Perio Protect Certified:

  • 50% off lab fee for doctor plus all team members. ($80/person value)

Conditions of the offer:

a) Must either be current AAOSH Member as of June 2012, or sign up for AAOSH Membership at the Cleveland meeting.

b) Must be registered for and be present at the Cleveland meeting. (Advanced start dates are available upon request; receipt for AAOSH Cleveland Meeting Fees paid plus confirmation of active member status in AAOSH are required.)

c) For team/staff to receive 50% tray discount offer, team/staff must be current, active employees of Perio Protect certified AAOSH member dentist, and all impressions or model work must be sent in at the same time.

d) All offices must comply with FDA mandated provisions for approval and paperwork regardless of Perio Protect certification status.

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