Killing The Parrot refers to the advice given to “Brush and Floss!” by the majority of dental practice hygienists.

On 3-15-13 I had pleasure of attending this groundbreaking event.

Patti Digangi and Shirley Gutkowski, both world-renown speakers on the subject of advanced dental hygiene, hasten to remind those in the profession that what they learned during school “..was (a lot) more important than we thought!”

“Brush and floss, brush and floss,BRUSH AND FLOSS!” tend to pervade patient charts – hence the title of their Seminar: KILLING THE PARROT

This case-based course presents in-depth research on the efficacy of xylitol, on to caries management, periodontal disease, effective perio coding, new diagnostics and treatment options…

It was a pleasure participating in this groundbreaking event, and I urge other to learn more here

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