Dr. Frank Wolf: All right. Let’s move on to question number four.

I want to attract quality patients that are ready to accept comprehensive
dentistry. What is the most productive way to use my marketing dollars to
help me reach this goal?

Daniel Bobrow: Everybody wants educated and motivated people to accept,
in the case of dentistry, comprehensive treatment. But the first step, again, is making
that connection. I find one of my most important tasks that as a dentistry marketing
consultant, is to be certain that doctors understand exactly what constitutes
reasonable expectations from any marketing strategy. In other words,
what is reasonable to expect it to do and what’s not reasonable to expect it
to do.

No marketing strategy will magically deliver only people who are ready to
accept comprehensive dentistry. What it can do is permit you to
establish a connection with people who live or work near your practice,
and therefore are very likely the kind of people you want in your practice.
If that’s not the case, then you may be facing a situation that’s probably
beyond the ability of external marketing to address anyway. In other
words, you may be in the wrong locale.

As we discussed earlier, once that connection is made, the next vital
steps are to get people to like you, respect you, and trust you. And while
there are verbal techniques to help expedite the process, it still takes time.

Dr. Frank Wolf: No question. I think everything you do is a marketing event. How you
answer the phone, the type of signage you have, the way you dress, the
way your staff dresses, the attitude, and the culture that you portray
yourself to be, all has an influence on how people perceive you, and that’s
going to stimulate people to, obviously, get to know you, like you, and
trust you. You’re not going to be able to sell a patient on any treatment
modality until they trust you.

Daniel Bobrow: That’s right. It’s very important to have patience, and to view
this, as I mentioned before, as links in a chain. We’re helping you establish contacts.
Marketing doesn’t end there. On the contrary, it only begins there. I’m just underscoring what you said, Frank, which is that every contact is a marketing event. We all market. The
question is to what extent we control the message that we market.

Dr. Frank Wolf: Right.

by Danny Bobrow

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