Number Three: Exude Enthusiasm

Now that we’re comfortable with establishing rapport and conveying empathy, the time has come to talk about


Enthusiasm is contagious.   We tend to adopt the energy level of the person on the other end of the line.  Obviously, this does not mean inappropriate outbursts of energy, but rather a realistic expression of the sense of pride, comfort and happiness you possess about your chosen career and place of work.  (If you don’t feel these things, it’s time for a reality check).

Our goal in the training we perform does not include trying to make people feel enthusiastic about their career (that’s impossible): it is to show people how to convey that enthusiasm over the telephone.

Because so much of effective communication depends upon the visual (body language)  component (those of you famiiar with The Art of First Impressions know all about this) the challenge is to ‘overcome the visual gap’ by perfecting the verbal and vocal components of communication (which are all you have when communicating via telephone).

A compelling exchange of enthusiasm over the telephone means choosing the right words, and using those words to great effect by articulating, enunciating, inflecting, and varying the tone of your speech.

In other words, keeping it real, but interesting.


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