Growing The Oral Systemic Practice

The Three Cs also mean Clever, Cool, and Creative

In The Age of Persuasion (I borrowed that title from one of my favorite radio programs: search in for show times), host and creator Terry O’Reilly takes on a stroll down marketing memory lane, sharing some very powerful insights in the process.  The main point is that effective marketing is necessary (though not sufficient) to a product’s, service’s and, yes, a dental practice’s success.

While health professionals, as they must, continue adding to their oral systemic armamentarium, it seems to me equally vital to add to our communications tool box as, in the final analysis, if we cannot clearly and convincingly convey to current and prospective patients, as well as current and prospective members of our professional referral network, how our Offering and commitment to collaboration can help patients live longer and happier lives. nothing else matters.

I invite you dear Reader to  share your experiences, both positive and otherwise, concerning your attempts at sharing your oral systemic practice (OSP) Offering to patients and professionals.

In the LinkedIn Group (keyword AAOSH) that I moderate, an interesting response has been that dentists are frustrated by attempts at expanding their referral network.  That’s not the interesting part.  What is interesting is that physicians bemoan the same fact!

Clearly then, both sides purport to being open to collaboration, but each group feels it is meeting with resistance.  While it may be that the ‘right’ professionals are simply not talking to each other, I suspect as more likely that the right people are not using the right language to communicate the benefits of collaboration with the other.

What are your thoughts?

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