This sage sentiment is emblazoned on the wall of Trojan Professional Services’ headquarters.  It’s purpose is to remind personnel of this very important fact.

Think about the last ‘extreme’ experience you had with another person or business.  Whether good or bad, it’s more likely that you  will remember a general sense of satisfaction, appreciation, fair treatment (or not), than you will the details of the exchange.

Given this truth, doesn’t it make sense to learn and coach your team on the skills that allow you to create this experience for your patients (not to mention family and friends)?

Simply being aware of the importance of emotion in establishing positive relations goes a long way toward ensuring people are left with good feelings about their encounter with you and your team.  The Art of First Impressions coaching subjects remember this with the adage:

People don’t care how much you know
until they know how much you care

Tactically speaking, it means emphasizing the emotional part of a conversation, especially when you’re talking to a someone for the first time.

The greeting sets the tone, so be sure you vary the tone, resonance, and inflection of your voice, give your name, and me sure to get and use the caller’s name.

If the caller is upset do not be afraid to apologize.  Apologizing is not the same  as admitting guilt or responsibility (although there’s really nothing wrong with taking responsibly either: it’s probably THE quickest way to defuse a situation).

As with lectures, tv programs, and commercials,  people usually remember the last thing they hear or experience, so be sure always to end the conversation on an up note.

You’re all terrific people with a great deal of talent and I am thankful for the opportunity to write for you!

There now, doesn’t that feel better?

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