I just returned from my local auto service facility. I asked what would be the price to replace a headlight. Fifty dollars was the answer. Thirty minutes later, while heading back to get my car I found myself wondering “Was that including tax?” When I arrived, the service rep. advised that the total cost, including tax, was only $44. Suddenly, a rush of good feelings toward the facility and the rep came over me.

Exceeding expectations is one of the best, and in a surprising number of cases, easiest, ways to establish and maintain a positive practice image and brand identity.

The classic example is given of the person who orders one pound of candy and watches the salesperson dispense the candy onto a scale. If they start with more than one pound and remove some, the experience is negative. If they start with less than a pound and add to the pile until one pound is reached, the feeling is positive. Same amount of candy, entirely different experience for the customer.

In your dealings with your patients, consider how this simple, but powerful, truth can enhance how your patients perceive you and your practice.

Now isn’t that a sweet idea?

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