Price Shopper.

The very term strikes fear in the heart of many a dental team member (and disdain in many others’).

Before you rush to judgment, consider how many times you (and I), when shopping for a new product or service, first ask how much something costs.  You’ll likely find that you are a price shopper too!

Someone asking about price could very well be an excellent patient.  They certainly would not be asking the price if they were not interested, and they may well not be interested in the lowest price anyway.  People usually ask about the price because they don’t know what else to ask.

The key to success with this type of call, as with all calls, is in knowing the verbiage and other skills necessary to sell the appointment.

Over the years we’ve developed a technique (actually, the technique’s as old as sales itself: we’ve simply modified and then applied it to dental marketing)   It’s sort of a ‘kill ‘em with love and information’ type approach, where you get permission to provide them with a number of options, all mentioning price, but being certain that one of them is either free, or so ridiculously affordable that their concerns about price are completely assuaged, and they are then free to actually listen to the other important details.  The ‘telephone consultation’ then concludes, almost invariably, with the patient asking ‘when would it be possible for me to come and meet with the doctor?”

The technique is simple in theory, but takes time and practice to master.

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