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Health professionals and lay people in ever increasing numbers recognize the links between oral and overall health. For practitioners and Team Members who are committed to improving patient outcomes through an oral systemic practice philosophy, it is essential to have at their disposal resources
that help them successfully integrate this philosophy. 

This blog series is intended to serve as one of those resources.


By The Numbers
 A step by step guide to developing, promoting, and staging a successful Community Event

Organizing and staging a successful community event is one of the most cost effective ways to grow a practice. This is especially true for practices who have made the commitment to an oral systemic philosophy because they have the ‘real goods,’ that is, protocols and modalities which, in a tangible and compelling way, distinguish theirs as a unique and enhanced Offering.  The true winners are patients who learn that, when it comes to an enhanced level of oral and overall care, they have a real choice.

One: The Why
You’re already proficient at presenting treatment.  Staging a Community Event permits you to, in essence, present to several people at once, thereby leveraging your time, and that of your Team.  There is additional value because speaking in a group setting enhances the comfort level of attendees as compared to when they are the single object of your attention.  ‘Diffusing the spotlight,’ as it were, helps people relax:  when people are relaxed, they’re more likely to make a decision.

Two: The What (will it play in Peoria)?
One of the most important decisions you will make concerns the topic and content for your presentation.  Any topic about which you are knowledgeable and passionate is a worthwhile addition to your list of possibilities.  Most important, however, is your topic’s interest level among your Target Audience.

One way to help decide upon that all-important content is to put Google’s pay per click management site to work for you.  Go to, and click on Get Started.  From here, you are able to enter words and phrases describing your proposed presentation topic, and see the number of times someone has searched for those terms.

Of 65 terms we researched, the ten top all had to do with (in order of popularity): weight loss, sleep apnea, implants, and diabetes (see table).

Three – The Where (venue)
In choosing a location for your presentation, convenience and price will likely be at the top of your list of considerations.

A great (and obvious, once you think about it) place to have your Event may well be right in your own office.

The next Installment delves deeper into staging your successful community event.

by Danny Bobrow

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