Dr. Steven Greenman, of Westlake Village, CA has been particularly successful  reaching out to, as well as beyond, his patient base to promote his dental sleep medicine solutions.  He has, as of this writing, done three community talks, and participated in one health expo.   Most recently, he used his own practice location as the venue for a presentation. “We figured we might as well show people where it all happens” explains Greenman. “This enabled us to eliminate a big unknown for attendees.” Of 10 attendees, the practice made six appointments. Reaching out to your own patients makes sense because most dentists have yet to fully capitalize upon the growth potential within their own practice.  Simply invite patients of record to an open house to learn about a new, little known, and valuable aspect of your Offering.  For instance, if you have incorporated a health coaching component to your hygiene department, inviting your patients to a brief presentation and tasting of your line of portion controlled meal replacements or heart healthy recipes (meaning they can simultaneously learn and dine) makes your event all the more appealing. When you set your sights on an outside venue for your event, it is ideal to secure one which will co-promote.  Your library, Chamber of Commerce, hospital, fitness center, religious congregation, networking group, YMCA, JCC, homeowner’s association, village hall, and other local organizations, are all promising groups to approach. Many are actively seeking valuable content to disseminate to their constituents, and so may be only too happy to help you, not only stage, but also promote, your event. The next Installment illustrates how to make the connection with prospective meeting hosts.

by Danny Bobrow


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