Another potentially valuable entity to target is Employer Groups.

Dr. James Erpenbach, of Knoxville, TN shares “Companies who provide wellness incentives in the form of reduced healthcare premiums for employees who attend health prevention programs are in search of wellness centered oral systemic presentations. The City of Knoxville has such a program for its employees, where one of the requirements for reduced insurance premiums is attendance at quarterly  presentations to promote healthy choices.  These programs can get your name and message out to a large potential patient population with minimal work [while simultaneously serving the public].”

Consistent with the theme of following the path of least resistance, a great place to begin is with your patient charts to ascertain which of them are in positions of authority in, or at least a member of, their company’s human resources department, wellness committee, or equivalent.  Ask if they think their employees would like to learn about and benefit from your presentation topic (ideally, offer them several topics from which to choose).  You might also offer them a token of appreciation for their assistance, such as a free whitening, discount on diabetes testing, saliva panel, testing of carotid intra medial artery thickness (CIMT), health coaching and nutritional guidance, c-reactive protein, oral cancer screening, and other tests and information to help them attain and maintain optimal oral and overall health – which simultaneously demonstrates to them the value of your presentation.

The next Installment is concerned with reaching out to Employer Groups 

by Danny Bobrow

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