Four –The Who (target Audience(s))
Who to target will, of course, depend upon the topic and content of your presentation.  As noted above, an event is a terrific opportunity to make patients of record aware (or reminded) of your enhanced Offering.

Your Event also represents a powerful tool for cementing relationships with existing members of your professional referral network, and even more important, for expanding your network by reaching out to professionals with whom you’ve yet to establish a relationship, by inviting them and their patients to your Event..

Specific target audiences within your community include: seniors, people who use CPAP, are obese (or overweight), have diabetes (or are pre-diabetic), and are afraid of the dentist.

Five – The How
The extent to which it is possible to pinpoint your desired audience will vary.  The simplest group to identify is, of course, your patient base.  Ways to connect with them include your website, social media, direct mail, the telephone, and conversation while they are in your office.

Connecting with current and prospective referral sources may be achieved using the same resources as above, as well as a LinkedIn Group.  LinkedIn Groups are free to set up. All you need is a LinkedIn Account.

Reaching the community at large may also be accomplished by using the aforementioned channels, as well as submitting press releases to the appropriate media, and by partnering with the entity, which has agreed to host your Event.

It is, as a matter of cost-effectiveness,  ideal when your message can be directed specifically to your desired target audience (or those who may be counted upon to get the desired message to the target, such as women whose spouses snore).   Paid online search and compiled direct mail lists also aid with targeting.  Your message should be composed to lead your intended audience to self-select. For instance, a direct mail piece with the heading “If you, or someone you care about, has trouble sleeping, this message is for you.” will encourage the recipient, if they are not your intended audience, to share it with someone who is.  Because often people ‘don’t know what they don’t know,’   interest in a topic may be uncovered simply by crafting such a compelling message.

The next Installment presents your by-the-numbers checklist to successfully promte and stage a successful event.  

by Danny Bobrow


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