The Money Making Math “The talks have gone well. We’ve gotten 15 attendees and converted nearly half of those into appointments. We’re extremely pleased with a 50% conversion rate. ” says Dr. Greenman. Note that one need not achieve anywhere close to such conversion percentages to make these talks a winning proposition.  A quick breakeven analysis demonstrate this. If you are promoting an oral appliance and the average case is worth $3000 (granted, this is not 100% profit), if your investment is less than $1000 (which it should be), at just one patient, you’ll realize a positive return on investment. “The Health Expo was amazing!  The booth cost us $650. We made nine appointments onsite, and are expecting more calls from people who took our literature.” concludes Dr. Greenman. Just Do ItOvercoming inertia can be a challenge.   To help get you started, remember to begin with the low hanging fruit.  It will build your confidence.  Do not fall victim to paralysis by analysis.  Most learning is accomplished by doing, not pondering and preparing.  Remember too that, while we may know what we would like to have said or done differently, your audience does not, so do not let a less than perfect presentation deter you from continuing. Here’s to those intrepid oral health professionals and their teams who boldly venture outside their comfort zone to help their community and, in the process, themselves! Daniel A. ‘Danny’ Bobrow is Founding executive committee chair of the American Academy for Oral Systemic Health (  He may be reached at or
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