Your by-the-numbers checklist to successfully pre-promote, stage, and post-promote your Event

  1. Secure your Venue
  2. If possible, gain agreement from your host to co-promote your Event
  3. Promote your event via
    1. grassroots (patients, family, friends, local merchants)
    2. Website and Social Media
    3. Frequent reminders to confirmed attendees (we recommend the following email sequence to prospective and confirmed attendees:

i.      6 weeks, 4 weeks, 2 weeks, 1 week, 1 day, and 2 hours prior to your Event

ii.      Provide written directions and easy to read map to your event

  1. Have an easy to use registration process e.g.
    1. Call you office and ask for a specific person or, preferably, ensure all are prepared to handle sign ups
    2. Have a dedicated web form on your site, and as part of your social media and email marketing  campaign
    3. Stage and Manage Your Event
      1. Visit the venue well in advance of your presentation to confirm suitability
      2. Arrive early to ensure you have time for set up, and to deal with any last-minute ‘glitches’ that may arise (you can be sure some will)
      3. Have a sign-up sheet for attendees, including space for their email address, as  some attendees may not have previously registered.  Also, some people who did register may not attend – it is important to know this to determine who is to receive what message
      4. Prepare and have sufficient quantities of handouts, promotional Literature, and contact information – better to have too much than not enough
      5. On site Event Video Recording – this gives you the opportunity to ‘bring the presentation to the attendee,’ as well as share samples of your presentation with other prospective hosts (It’s also a terrific coaching tool for you).
      6. Have a Post-Event Promotion Strategy
        1. Follow Up with attendees via email or telephone call
        2. Tag photos and videos and post to social media
        3. Make an attractive offer to encourage attendees to make an appointment

The next Installment presents tips for calculating expected and actual return on investment and some final thoughts. 

by Danny Bobrow


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